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Goodreads reviews While Java has changed a lot recently, the mockito spy and techniques most Java developers use to test code are mockito spy to show their age.

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Spock is a modern testing framework that combines the features of JUnit, Mockito, and JBehave into a single powerful testing library.

With Spock, developers can use Groovy to write more readable and concise tests, and built-in mocking means they no longer need an external framework.

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Spock enables seamless integration testing and, with the intuitive Geb library, users can even handle functional testing of web applications. Java Testing with Spock shows how to use Spock for a wide range of testing use cases in Java.

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It starts with a quick overview of Spock, and works through writing unit tests using the Groovy language, and discusses the best practices for test design as readers explore the Spock framework. Along the way, readers will learn to write mocks, implement integration tests, use Spock's built-in BDD testing tools, and do functional web testing using Geb.

Readers new to Groovy will appreciate the succinct language tutorial that'll give just enough Groovy to use Spock effectively.

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